I am available as a guest minister to co-create sacred and meaningful worship services for your congregation. I have extensive experience working with Ministers, Sunday Service Committees and Music Directors designing Orders of Service and delivering stories for all ages, prayers, meditations, and sermons on matters of universal, spiritual concern.

Some examples of services delivered to Unitarian Universalist congregations:


Resilience, Responsibility, Reverence: Why Spirituality Matters


The Wholeness of Well-Being and Sacred Responsibility


Opposition and Unification: Navigating the Extremes. On the spiritual journey, we must navigate consciously between extremes of attitudes, viewpoints, emotions and the realities of life and death, spirit and matter.


Mid-Winter Reflections on the Desires of the Soul


The Unbearable Kindness of Strangers


The Spirituality of Place: From ordinary to extraordinary, mundane to sublime, the spaces and places we inhabit and visit are intrinsic to our spiritual lives.

Never Not Broken - The Inevitability of Brokenness and Wholeness on the Spiritual Journey

An Offering of Blessings: An exploration of the blessings of life and our responsibility to be a blessing to others.

The Story of Our Lives: Soul, Spirituality and Religious Community

To Rise: On this Easter Morning, we will Celebrate the Human Spirit.

The Spiritual Practice of Tending: Reflections on "Tending" as a gentle, loving approach to all we encounter in life. 

Time, Transitions and Thresholds: As we reflect on the past year and look towards the year ahead, let us examine how the passage of time, the transitions we face and the thresholds we must cross impact our life's journey.

What The Heart Must Bear: Reflections on love and loss, uncertainty, resiliency, broken hearts and wholeheartedness. 

To Do, To Be, To Matter: Reflections on sharing your gifts and blessing the world.  

Wisdom, Life, Death and Community

Full of Grace: Having just celebrated Thanksgiving and heading into the holiday season, let us reflect on faith, magic, miracles, hope, love and grace.

Seeking, Finding and Being Solace - The Search for Solace on the Journey

Nature: Our Connection and Disconnection -  In this participatory service, we will engage the contemplative practice of Lectio Divina (sacred reading) to reflect on our relationship with Nature and the Climate Crisis.

Surrendering to the Seasons of Our Lives: As we observe the changes in season from summer to fall, let us also reflect on the blessings and challenges of the season of life we are in. 

The Season of Darkness and Light - As we head towards the Winter Solstice and celebrate the December Festivals of Light, let us honor the sacred dark and welcome the light.  

The Threshold of Memory and Hope

On this First Sunday of the New Year, like the Roman God, Janus, we will look to the future and to the past, we will honor beginnings and endings and the mystery of living and dying.  We will share memories of loved ones with photos, mementos, tributes and stories in a special remembrance ceremony.




A Prayer For Those Who Minister 


Surrender to Divine Revelation


The Heart of the Matter

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