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Dream Tending

     As a prolific dreamer myself, I have long been a student of the Dream.  There are many theories, methods and approaches to working with one's night time dreams. After a long search, I found the approach that resonates most deeply with me and I now consider myself a Dream Tender. This approach was developed and evolved by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, PhD over forty years. I have completed all three Dream Tending certificate programs and I am now in the Mentors of the Academy 2022 Program.  I continue to grow my personal and professional Dream Tending practice with awe, curiosity and gratitude. 


     As we tend our night time dreams and our deep imagination, we gain access to a potent source of personal, emotional and spiritual healing and wisdom. We also gain insight into the collective human condition and the soul of the world. Our dreams and even our nightmares, if gently tended, offer us practical solutions and soulful guidance to the challenges we face.  We all long for a wellspring of eternal solace, comfort and guidance as we walk our own unique paths on this human journey.  The living images of the dreamtime are one such wellspring if only we pay careful attention.  

"To tend a dream is not to interpret a dream, nor is it to really analyze a dream, but to be present with a dream, to allow the dream itself to open, to reveal, to come to life, so that the images themselves can come forward, take shape, have body, move in their activity and to present the knowledge, and the wisdom, and the teachings that are inherent to each of these characters, or motifs that are located in the dream." 


-Excerpted from Dr. Stephen Aizenstat's Sounds True Audio Recording - Dream Tending, Techniques for Uncovering the Hidden Intelligence of Your Dreams


What is a Dream Tending session like? 

"I feel held with unconditional love and acceptance when Dream Tending with Kathie. She skillfully and compassionately guides the dreamer into the deep imagination and facilitates profoundly meaningful, soulful journeys with dream images. Kathie's methods, intuition, and ability to actively listen, assisted me with deepening my connection to the Divine wisdom, love, and creativity of the dream time. Dream Tending is Soul Tending with Kathie." - Monica Tweet

     Each Dream Tending session ranges from 60-75 minutes in person, Zoom or on the phone. 


     Dream Tending is also offered as a part of ongoing Spiritual Direction or Creative Depth Coaching. 


     Each Dream Tending session is $75.00 and I offer sliding scale rates and pro bono as needed.


     Please Inquire with any questions or concerns and schedule a complimentary first meeting.  


"Messengers between the creative unconscious and consciousness, dreams speak their own language of image, symbol and metaphor. When we bring our imagination, openness and discernment to them, they are possible sources of inner guidance, wisdom, revelation, healing and development." Marion Woodman

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