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I was ordained to Interfaith Ministry in 2010 by The Chaplaincy Institute, An Interfaith Seminary & Community.  ChI offers an experiential curriculum combining the study of world religions, an exploration of mystical paths and teachings, and spiritual care skills for interfaith ministry and chaplaincy - all in a creatively infused context which emphasizes an Interfaith practice of respect and inclusivity toward all spiritual expressions. ChI is a Community That Heals and Transforms the World by Honoring the Sacred Connection of All. 

What is an Interfaith Minister? My definition: Interfaith Ministers recognize the oneness of humanity and call individuals and communities to the highest ideals at the heart of all religious and spiritual traditions;  respect, loving-kindness, sensitivity, authenticity, mature self-knowledge, care for the earth, mercy and compassion.


Interfaith ministers take a universal perspective on the questions of ultimate concern, looking beyond divisions of language, culture and nations to find the truths and wisdom shared among the world's wisdom traditions. Interfaith Ministers create sacred space in all interactions so that joys are properly celebrated, sorrows are sufficiently mourned, meaning is found and hope is kept alive.


Interfaith Ministers create opportunities for respite from our culture of striving and superficiality (Sanctuary) and encourage all people to authenticity and depth of being.

I am available as an Independent, Community Minister to support all people wherever they find themselves on the spiritual journey and to perform ministerial services for people of all religious and spiritual traditions, inclusive of those who consider themselves atheist, agnostic or secular-humanist.

I have been a Clergy Member in Good Standing with The Chi Interfaith Community, the ecclesiastical endorsing body of The Chaplaincy Institute since 2010.  This endorsement means that I:

-Have met the requirements of endorsement as a fully Ordained Interfaith Minister.

-Can participate collegially in a religiously diverse setting to provide for the spiritual needs of all; this includes chaplain duties and officiating at ceremonies, where indicated and as requested.

-Have the full backing and support of The ChI Interfaith Community ordaining body to do the ministerial work to which you are called.  

As Clergy in Good Standing with The Chaplaincy Institute, An Interfaith Seminary and Community, I abide by these Code of Ethics:

In addition, I am member in good standing with The Center for Spiritual Care and Pastoral Formation and abide by these Code of Ethics:

For more information on Interfaith Ministry and Chaplaincy, please see:

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