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Since 2008, I have been engaged in learning and practicing the ancient path of healing called the Tree of Life as taught by Rev. Dr. Megan Wagner and Rev. Jim Larkin. The Tree of Life is a universal, holistic map of psychological and spiritual development and integration based on ancient Kabbalistic wisdom. This path of healing helps us lead a conscious life and leads us to full physical, emotional and spiritual vitality.

Each one of us is born with particular gifts and challenges and it is through the mastering of seven universal stages of initiation or awakening (Body, Instincts, Community, Identity, Truth, Transformation, Wholeness) that we come to live our unique mission and purpose in the world, thereby growing our own souls and spirits and serving the collective. It is a lifelong process to walk this initiatory path, to heal any wounds and to live fully conscious each day.

As a certified Tree of Life Coach™, I am equipped with creative assessment, intervention and healing techniques and exercises to help you achieve the wholeness that you seek.



Certified by Tree of Life Teachings International, a non-profit organization dedicated to Psycho-Spiritual Healing and the Sacred Arts. 

Megan Wagner in her Sacred Shekhinah Robe which represents the first stage of initiation on the universal path of psycho-spiritual development; connecting to the body and earth to become grounded.

Kathie McCutcheon in Megan's Sacred Marriage Robe which represents the seventh stage of initiation/development; Wholeness.


For more information on the Sacred Robes see

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