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Memorial Services/Celebrations of Life/Funeral Services/Graveside Committals

Death is a part of Life. Memorial Services, Funerals, Celebrations of Life, and Graveside Committals afford us the time to remember and to honor the life of our loved one. As we create and participate in meaningful rituals, we grieve, support one another in community and find a sense of peace, closure and comfort. 


As an Interfaith Minister and Chaplain, I work closely with family and friends to craft meaningful and personalized services that memorialize and celebrate the lives of their beloveds, while honoring their secular, spiritual or religious beliefs and cultural traditions. 


I am available to work directly with families and/or to co-ordinate with funeral directors. In person or virtually.  

I am available to provide emotional and spiritual support throughout the grieving process.

Everything in this world has its moment,

A season of ripening and falling away.

Moments of birthing and moments of dying;

Moments of planting and moments of reaping.

Moments of killing and moments of healing;

Moments of demolition and moments of building.

Moments of weeping and moments of laughing;

Moments of mourning and moments of dancing.

Moments of scattering stones and moments of gathering stones;

Moments of embracing and moments of releasing.

Moments of tearing and moments of mending;

Moments of silence and moments of talking.

Moments of loving and moments of hating;

Moments of warring and moments of peacemaking.

What's the point of being willful,

Demanding to reap that which has not yet grown?         


Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8 - Adapted by Rabbi Rami Shapiro

If family finances allow, the suggested honorarium for a Service is $200-$300.  

Please call me directly at 919-649-6953 at anytime.  It is my honor to serve families in grief.  


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